Seaneen Copeland

Fitness has always had a solid place in my life and with a passion for being strong and a desire to stay healthy and feel good in my own body, I decided I wanted to explore and expand my knowledge.  For my passion was to be shared to help others. So I then went in search of a quality online fitness platform. One that would not only teach me but also hold me accountable with my learnings. When I found MMISS I made sure that I researched to ensure it was a perfect match for me.  Mark McGaw’s history as a professional NRL player, Gladiator and tv fitness host helped me make my decision easily.  The saying goes to be successful follow people who have lived success.  I signed up and started my journey within this industry through the support, help and teachings of MMISS. Fast forward to completing my certs, and becoming a trainer, my new knowledge helped me to not only compete myself In IFBB but to also helping hundreds of people with their lifestyle choices, fitness goals, along with creating a winning team of 14 fitness competitors walking them through their IFBB winning successes. If your serious about fitness, focused, passionate, self-motivated then this is the course for you.  To be the best, you must be trained by the best.