Author: Mark McGaw

You Are Never Too Old for Exercise

You are never too old for exercise. Suppose you can contract your muscles at all. In that case, you are capable of exercising safely and productively, regardless of your age or physical condition. By “exercise” I specifically mean strength training using slow and controlled movements or no movement at all (isometrics) performed in accordance with […]

Gym Myths You Must Know before Sweating on

[DISCLAIMER: Our guest blogger makes this blog post. This article is not necessarily the view of MMISS ] Staying healthy and keeping fit seems to be the latest concern of the people. These days, people are always on the hunt for some tips on how to stay fit and fine. Whether it is a health […]

Yoga, Muay Thai training and fitness are deeply interlinked

As technology has advanced to great heights, our lifestyle has become sedentary. Machines and equipment have become an intricate part of our daily lives, reducing the amount of physical work that one has to do every day. The consequences of such a lifestyle are sometimes fatal, as lifestyle diseases are affecting people of all age […]