Diploma of Fitness (Specialist Fitness Trainer)

Diploma of Fitness (Specialist Fitness Trainer)

$1800 *
  • *Price for upfront payment only
  • Price for Payment Plan: $2250
  • Payment plan initial deposit: $450
  • Balance payable via direct debit: $1800
  • Monthly payment period: 36
  • Monthly direct debit amount: $50


This qualification reflects the role of personal trainers who have specialist skills to train individual clients, or groups of clients, on a one-on-one or group basis, to improve health-related components of fitness in relatively low risk situations. This may include training of older clients and children.

MMISS Fitness Trainer Accreditation link


Thankyou for inquiring on Mark McGaw Institute of Sports Science (MMISS) website to become a Personal Fitness Trainer. Mark McGaw has been involved in fitness education and sports science for 20 years, creditable continuing education and mentors at he highest level is important to help strive to achieve the best knowledge available, eventually being able to disseminate this information to the learner. One of my mentors was Dr Fred Hatfield PHD world-renowned strength and conditioning coach who has broken over 30 world records in the sport of power lifting.

MMISS education includes many formats; part of the theory learning includes practical theory utilising simulation fitness toolboxes. While the learners is completing the theory you are able to simulate the workplace at home through the fitness toolbox before you move into the real life workplace for supervised training and self practice The different modes of deliver we utilise helps you learn and then earn as a high-qualified Gym instruct and fitness trainer.

As the owner of MMISS I will be your main point of contact, you will have access to my technical support and MMISS will certify you as a top line Fitness trainer respected in the industry.

MMISS is proud that Mark McGaw was the first in Australia to deliver the Correspondence fitness course format. This format was submitted to SA fitness back in 1995 for approval.

Pre Requisites

  • Over 18 & a passion for helping others or if under 18 guardian or parents permission
  • Entry to this qualification is open to individuals who hold a current first aid and CPR certificate:
  • Have achieved a Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Have at least 1-year post qualification fitness industry experience in the application of the skills and knowledge of the Certificate IV in Fitness.

Delivery Period
Learn at your own pace. 12 months to complete.

Expected Modes of Learning
Fitness online toolbox, electronic workbooks, real life practice

Customised payment plans available
Discounts apply for upfront payments: refer to pricing

Study & Career pathway may include:


  • Diploma of Fitness


Possible job titles include: 


  • Advanced personal trainer
  • Fitness services coordinator
  • Personal training manager


This qualification reflects the role of individuals who perform a range of activities and functions within the fitness industry. These individuals have substantial depth of knowledge to plan, conduct and evaluate advanced exercise programs using principles of program design, and progressed anatomy and physiology knowledge to support delivery of functional, effective and safe exercise programs.


They have specialist skills to independently implement current approaches supported by evidence, and establish strategies for the prevention of recurrence of injury with guidance from medical or allied health professionals where appropriate.


The qualification does not provide the skills and knowledge for an individual to provide advice or exercise instruction to high risk clients, other than to refer the client to an appropriate medical or allied health professional.


This qualification provides a pathway to work in a diversity of fitness industry businesses including fitness centres, gyms, aquatic facilities, community facilities and in open spaces, where risk management (through risk assessment and hazard control processes) does not already exist.


Individuals who specialise in Fitness Service Coordination develop collaborative programs across various health and wellness sectors. They have knowledge of relevant local and national health networks, and the skills to build and maintain stakeholder relationships.


Individuals who specialise in Management manage and support a team of fitness professionals. This involves mentoring staff on business skills and technical skills. These individuals have skills and knowledge in marketing and sales; business analysis; time and financial management; recruiting and retaining personal trainers.


No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.


There are no other entry requirements for this qualification.

  • Complete enrolment form, any issues identified is discussed.
  • Areas that may be identified are: The learner’s ability to complete the selected course, this may include time restraints, pre-existing fitness industry experience family commitments etc. which will be taken into consideration when mastering the course outcomes. The more we know about our learners the more customised training plan is created.
  • Basic computer and internet researching skills
  • Online learning and assessment requirements: good understanding of Client Handbook policies and procedures.

Modes of Learning within the Correspondence format

(MMISS is proud that Mark McGaw was the first in Australia to deliver the Correspondence fitness course format. This format was submitted to SA fitness back in 1995 for approval)

Theory Questioning
This is basic question and answer format, these workbooks questions are available via state of the art online learning system. This system allows all the requirements of the course in one easy location, text, videos, simulated workplace tasks assessment and so much more.

Online Fitness Toolbox
This fitness toolbox is to work inline with the question and answer format. The toolbox will have simulated practical real life process, MMISS provide the fitness toolboxes as part of the learning text, example, once you complete the questioning on how to conduct a fitness appraisals the toolbox will guide you through a real life simulated environment which than maybe transferred in to a real life situation.

Work placement
This is a supervised on the job workplace experience. The learner will complete the activities listed and have the supervisor sign off workbook. This comprises of 50 Hours for Diploma of Fitness

Performance evidence
This is the Performance Evidence (Practical Demonstration) On the job Workplace visual assessment. This is when a MMISS qualified workplace assessor will view selected activities for final assessment of the learner.

Contact Hours (Log book)
This is practicing in your own time what you have learned over the duration of the course.

The Volume of Learning
1123 hours comprising of 50 hours of work placement, 1073 hours of distance – online delivery that includes: Knowledge Evidence, Performance Evidence – practical / practising and Client contact sessions – different clients/services periods/evaluating programs.

When does the learner receive assessment?
The first subject’s assessment tasks will be sent after acceptance of enrolment. If you have any enquiry or would like to view the contact hours logbook please email admin@mmiss.org

Detailed instructions within each workbook are explained.

Course Outline
MMISS SIS50215 – Diploma of Fitness includes 5 core subjects and 13 electives covering a broad range of topics and skills required by the Fitness industry.


Units of competency
Consistent with the qualification packaging rules, the units listed below will be delivered for this qualification.

MMISS Selected Units below


Code and Title


These units are compulsory core units for SIS50215 Diploma of Fitness


  • SISFFIT027 Conduct health promotion activities
  • SISFFIT028 Apply evidence-based practice to exercise programs
  • SISFFIT029 Apply anatomy and physiology to advanced personal training
  • SISFFIT030 Instruct advanced exercise programs
  • SISFFIT031 Implement injury prevention strategies


MMISS through industry engagement have selected the following elective units for study


(Management) Specialisation Electives


  • BSBFIM501 Manage budgets and financial plans
  • BSBPMG522 Undertake project work
  • BSBRSK501 Manage risk
  • CHCCOM002 Use communication skills to build relationships
  • CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice
  • HLTPOP014 Assess readiness for and effect behaviour change
  • HLTAID006** Provide advanced first aid
  • CHCCCS007 Develop and implement service programs
  • CHCMGT003 Lead the work team
  • CHCPRP001 Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships
  • BSBHRM405 Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
  • BSBMGT502 Manage people performance


** This is a Self-attained competency – You will be required to have completed the first aid component prior to any workplace.

Why Study with MMISS

MMISS has highly comprehensive courses and are renown in the industry as one of the highest standards of fitness trainers in Australia.

Why is MMISS an industry leader?

  • The most comprehensive course available
  • The mentor is the owner of the business. Mark McGaw has 20 years as a lecturer and assessor and has been a professional athlete at the highest level (Australian Rugby League representative)
  • Mark McGaw was the first to bring distance education into Australia
  • Interactive online learning
  • Quality and unlimited technical support by Mark McGaw

Unlimited Support is given through Phone, email, face to face, Skype, and blog/forum
Technical Support for the courses can be utilised by several methods. You may use one or all methods (listed to the left) to give you the best experience for success during your studies.


One way to identify a method or methods that may best suit you, is to remember back to your school days and what methods of learning you found most rewarding. If you enjoyed a particular way of study and use it again, then most likely you will stick with the Fitness and Personal Training course.


Our fully qualified fitness workplace assessors will always be on hand to help. No question is too hard and we understand you may feel embarrassed to ask the really easy questions. We are happy to help so that any roadblocks can be overcome for the full comprehension of the unit.


You may also ask questions on the blog so other students and staff can answer for all to see.

This method of technical support is quick and effective. The turn around for a response in most cases is the same day. If your workplace assessor does not return your email, then there may be up to a 48-hour response.


If a response has not been given by the next day, please resend the email as we pride ourselves on same day help. A call to us on 02 9692 0455 to let us know a support email has been sent will ensure another workplace assessor can take this support request if the assigned mentor is in lectures.

Just call us on (1300 542 563) to organise face to face time with a Fitness Workplace Assessor for one on one support. You must have all the questions in order and ready to go before the meeting so time effective responses are maintained.

Another option is for the student wishing to travel to our office/gymnasium at Pyrmont and spend a day or a few hours practicing exercise techniques and sitting and studying on site with other students.

This requires the student to:


1: call or email MMISS for an appointment so we can organise a phone meeting. If a Fitness Workplace Assessor is available the support will be immediate. If not, a convenient time for both student and Fitness Workplace Assessor will be organised.


2: The student must have all questions to be asked ready to go.

This requires the student to:


1: call or email MMISS for an appointment so we can organise a Skype meeting. If a Fitness Workplace Assessor is available the support will be immediate. If not, a convenient time for both student and the Fitness Workplace Assessor will be organised.


2: The student must have all questions to be asked ready to go