Diploma of Fitness (Specialist Fitness Trainer)


This qualification reflects the role of personal trainers who have specialist skills to train individual clients, or groups of clients, on a one-on-one or group basis, to improve health-related components of fitness in relatively low risk situations. This may include training of older clients and children.

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Thankyou for inquiring on Mark McGaw Institute of Sports Science (MMISS) website to become a Personal Fitness Trainer. Mark McGaw has been involved in fitness education and sports science for 20 years, creditable continuing education and mentors at he highest level is important to help strive to achieve the best knowledge available, eventually being able to disseminate this information to the learner. One of my mentors was Dr Fred Hatfield PHD world-renowned strength and conditioning coach who has broken over 30 world records in the sport of power lifting.

MMISS education includes many formats; part of the theory learning includes practical theory utilising simulation fitness toolboxes. While the learners is completing the theory you are able to simulate the workplace at home through the fitness toolbox before you move into the real life workplace for supervised training and self practice The different modes of deliver we utilise helps you learn and then earn as a high-qualified Gym instruct and fitness trainer.

As the owner of MMISS I will be your main point of contact, you will have access to my technical support and MMISS will certify you as a top line Fitness trainer respected in the industry.

MMISS is proud that Mark McGaw was the first in Australia to deliver the Correspondence fitness course format. This format was submitted to SA fitness back in 1995 for approval.

Pre Requisites

  • Over 18 & a passion for helping others or if under 18 guardian or parents permission
  • Entry to this qualification is open to individuals who hold a current first aid and CPR certificate:
  • Have achieved a Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Have at least 1-year post qualification fitness industry experience in the application of the skills and knowledge of the Certificate IV in Fitness.

Delivery Period
Learn at your own pace. 12 months to complete.

Expected Modes of Learning
Fitness online toolbox, electronic workbooks, real life practice

Customised payment plans available
Discounts apply for upfront payments: refer to pricing

Why Study with MMISS

MMISS has highly comprehensive courses and are renown in the industry as one of the highest standards of fitness trainers in Australia.

Why is MMISS an industry leader?

  • The most comprehensive course available
  • The mentor is the owner of the business. Mark McGaw has 20 years as a lecturer and assessor and has been a professional athlete at the highest level (Australian Rugby League representative)
  • Mark McGaw was the first to bring distance education into Australia
  • Interactive online learning
  • Quality and unlimited technical support by Mark McGaw